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Goodness Me!
Goodness Me!

Goodness Me!

Goodness Me!

Meadow Vale's Goodness Me! range of bespoke further processed chicken products is the leading brand of choice for foodservice professionals.

This range has been specifically developed for the modern commercial kitchen and has earned a deserved reputation for delivering premium quality portion controlled products which have been manufactured to the very highest standards.

Goodness Me! is a brand which has been built on the integrity of its products and their ability to provide the caterer with a broad range of serving solutions time and time again. Our Goodness Me! products are all produced from hand cut natural boneless skinless chicken breast fillet*, are all easy to serve, and all surpass the consumers expectations at every serving occasion.

Goodness Me! delivers menu solutions in the brand that you can trust…

G1450914 Goodness Me ! Chargrilled Chicken Fillets Fully cooked, IQF frozen marinated chicken fillets
G1450401 Goodness Me! Chicken Tikka Dice Fully cooked roast natural chicken breast dice, hand cut and marinated in herbs and spices.
G1450801 Goodness Me! Chicken Yakitori Fully cooked pieces of chargrilled skin on chicken thigh, in traditional Yakitori sauce and presented on a wooden skewer
G1450203 Goodness Me ! Chicken Strips Fully steamed cooked, 12mm sliced chicken breast fillet.
G1450102 Goodness Me ! Whole Chicken Fillets 80g Fully cooked, IQF frozen; hand cut flattened whole chicken breast fillet.
G1450602 Goodness Me Small Crispy Chicken Fillets Fully cooked chicken breast inner fillets in a crispy coating.
G1450701 Goodness Me! American Style Chicken Fillets Fully cooked IQF hand de-boned, trimmed chicken breast fillets.
G1450703 Goodness Me! Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Fillets Fully cooked chicken breast in a hot 'n' spicy coating.